Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Gown Trends

Floor length, tea length? Long train, short train? Sleeves or sleeveless? Satin or Silk? White, off white, pink, purple? A-line, mermaid, flared? I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to viewing wedding dresses on line as well as in the bridal magazines at the supermarket. Let's face it. No matter who you are or what your style is, everyone has to admit that wedding dresses are just beautiful! Fads and trends come and go and come back again. Designers continually look for ways to bring that "wow" factor to their line so that brides everywhere will desire his/her gowns over the others. Some brides are searching for a unique style while others wear their mom, aunt or grandmother's dress. I could write about this season's latest trends, which I think are beautiful. However, what came to my mind while thinking about this post is how amazed I am every time I coordinate a wedding at how utterly gorgeous every bride is on her wedding day. It doesn't seem to matter that she is wearing today's style or a trend that some might consider outdated (if there really is an outdated wedding dress style). It's her day, and the dress she chose looks absolutely amazing on her. It's always the perfect style, the ideal color, the most sublime material and the most splendid hair for that bride. It's as if all women have an innate ability to choose the gown that most closely resembles her inner beauty, regardless of the current trends. This is still another aspect of weddings that I love; getting to see the style and preferences of my clients shine through on their special day.

Erin Joyner, WonderfullyWed, College Station coordinator

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