Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shedding for the Wedding

I saw a trailer for this show while riding a bike at the gym last week. The show caught my attention, as do all things wedding. It's an interesting concept, for a reality TV show. Couples race to shed the most weight throughout the life of the show to win their dream wedding for FREE. One couple said that in lieu of a "Cocktail Hour" they would have a tailgate party. Now THAT would be interesting...
Now, I have to admit, I am NOT even remotely into reality TV. The only time I ever watch it is when I am subjected to it at the gym when someone else has had that channel on and I just can't find the remote to change it! But, I may have to give this one a try, or at least follow the results via the internet. I'm very curious to know who wants it bad enough to put in the time and effort for their ideal ceremony. And I'm also very curious to know what that DREAM WEDDING will look like when this couple has worked so hard. What will their cake look like? Will they spend $15,000 on it like The Bachelorette Trista Rehn did in 2003? I guess only time will tell, and I may just have to subject myself to all the drama that comes with RT to find out! Either that or wait to see if People magazine publishes pictures and juicy details!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Bridal Show 2011

Wow! Has it already come and gone? The Bridal Show is an event greatly anticipated by all brides and wedding vendors. Hosted by The Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley, this event allows brides and participating vendors to meet and exchange information. For me, it is a great time to talk to potential customers, meet new vendors as well as catch up with my vendor friends. Over the years, I have gotten to watch their businesses grow and have gleaned from their creativity. It is just a fabulous time. I opted to not participate last year, and although I enjoyed a small break in business activity, I felt a little behind on the times yesterday.
Overall, I feel the show went well for my wedding and invitation business. Upon reflection, there are a couple of items I'd like to add to my booth. I don't desire to have a large, fancy booth. I prefer to keep mine simple, but elegant. However, I absolutely must change my sign. I was actually slightly embarrassed by my sign as
opposed to some other beautifully designed and displayed business titles. Some of my colleagues shared that they made theirs by hand and they turned out wonderful. I think I will probably stick with having someone make mine unless and I am suddenly struck with a creative vision one day. Also, bistro tables were in abundance throughout the floor and after discussing
it with my assistant, Amy, I feel that could really add to the aura I am looking for and it will be a perfect spot to display my invitation book. I'm going to add a carpet as well, all in due time.
If you met me yesterday and are viewing my blog for the first time, thank you for visiting me online and I look forward to meeting you in person!
{And please excuse my pictures. I completely forgot my beloved camera and had to rely on my Blackberry camera for photos of my booth.}

Friday, February 18, 2011

Father-Daughter Dance

Many Dads feel self-conscience about the first dance at the reception. They are insecure about their dancing skills. If your Dad falls into that category, show him this video!

Would LOVE to see one of these in College Station at a wedding I am coordinating!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Gown Trends

Floor length, tea length? Long train, short train? Sleeves or sleeveless? Satin or Silk? White, off white, pink, purple? A-line, mermaid, flared? I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to viewing wedding dresses on line as well as in the bridal magazines at the supermarket. Let's face it. No matter who you are or what your style is, everyone has to admit that wedding dresses are just beautiful! Fads and trends come and go and come back again. Designers continually look for ways to bring that "wow" factor to their line so that brides everywhere will desire his/her gowns over the others. Some brides are searching for a unique style while others wear their mom, aunt or grandmother's dress. I could write about this season's latest trends, which I think are beautiful. However, what came to my mind while thinking about this post is how amazed I am every time I coordinate a wedding at how utterly gorgeous every bride is on her wedding day. It doesn't seem to matter that she is wearing today's style or a trend that some might consider outdated (if there really is an outdated wedding dress style). It's her day, and the dress she chose looks absolutely amazing on her. It's always the perfect style, the ideal color, the most sublime material and the most splendid hair for that bride. It's as if all women have an innate ability to choose the gown that most closely resembles her inner beauty, regardless of the current trends. This is still another aspect of weddings that I love; getting to see the style and preferences of my clients shine through on their special day.

Erin Joyner, WonderfullyWed, College Station coordinator

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vintage Weddings

Vintage Weddings is one of the latest wedding trends. Brides are encouraged to bring back some old fashioned flair for their ceremony. There are several ways to do this: pictures of your grandparents' weddings, birdcage veils for bridesmaids, tea stained invitations, mimicking your dress' lace on your cake. I love these ideas and adore the idea of older fashions making a come back in modern weddings.
The other night, my family was watching "The Sound of Music" and I was
thinking about this classic fad when Georg and Maria tied the knot. Maria's veil was longer than her dress, which is a style I haven't seen in several years. (one of my best friends had this type of veil for her wedding which took place in 1996.) This trend as well as the elogted trains like Princess Diana are two of the most elegant styles in my opinion. I know today's styles are no veil and mermaid style dresses, but I am hopeful that the extended trains and veils will make a comeback soon.
WonderfullyWed, your College Station and Bryan Wedding planner

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cocktail Hour

I love the new trend of having a cocktail hour prior to your reception. I've always been a fan of feeding your guests while they are waiting for you to take your "after ceremony" pictures. At my wedding, we allowed guests to eat while they waited for us and I have had many brides who have a fruit and cheese spread or some other appetizers for guests. It's just nice to let them eat and I think they leave with a better impression of your wedding day. The cocktail hour takes it to a whole new level. I love the idea. You can do so much with that time! The cocktail hour allows you to create a whole new decor (that fits with the overall feel of your ceremony and reception). You could create a theme within the theme of your wedding. What about a tropical getaway? An elegant ballroom? Music and decorations that fit a specific decade? You definitely need bistro tables, no matter what the theme. You could use the cocktail hour as a way to provide different types of food for your guests or just have all your favorite foods served. Guests could get food from a buffet, or be served by wait staff carrying trays for a more elegant feel. The possibilities are endless. Your guests will enjoy themselves, and you can relax and flash that beautiful smile with your husband for those pictures that will last a lifetime.

WonderfullyWed, your College Station and Bryan wedding coordinator

Thursday, February 3, 2011


As we are hunkering down at our house, preparing for a few inches of snow, I was reminded of the movie "Father of the Bride". I love that movie! If you remember, the Banks f
amily had ordered swans and tulips for the big event that was to take place at their home. The day of the wedding, it snowed, for the first time in over 20 years! So, the coordinator, Franck, and his people were outside with blow dryers trying to defrost the tulips, and the swans had to be moved from the outside so they wouldn't freeze to death. I started thinking about all the brides and grooms who planned for a wedding this weekend in Bryan/College Station, TX. I doubt they planned on the weather being warm, although in Texas, you never know! But were they planning on SNOW? I doubt it. The meteorologists are anticipating that the snow will melt by tomorrow afternoon, so I'm sure all weddings will go off without a hitch. And hopefully, it will make a fabulous story for their kids and grandkids, just like the tale in "Father of the Bride". I may need to watch that movie again. It's one of my favorites!

Erin Joyner, Wedding Consultant, Bryan/College Station, TX

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hair bride or Veil Bride?

That is the question! It prompted me to think about the many questions a bride must ask herself when planning her special day. Indoor or Outdoor? Traditional or Modern? Updo or Down? It is delightful to be a part of helping every bride make those decisions. There are brides who know exactly what they want, and then others that definitely need more guidance in deciding all the major as well as minor details of their wedding day. Then throw in the mother, the groom, mother of the groom and you've got more opinions flying around than you know with what to do! As a consultant and coordinator, it is my job to help guide the future Mrs. through these decisions. It is my desire to listen carefully and guide her to make the decisions that will make an everlasting impression on her, her groom and all the guests at the wedding. I have spent several years developing relationships with vendors so that when my customers come to me with ideas for the ceremony, I can direct them to the vendors that best fit their ideas and preferences. I can introduce them to just the right photographer, caterer, and vendor that best fit their needs and desires. And it is an enjoyable process. Do you want a romantic, outdoor, sunset wedding? I can make it happen. Is your heart leaning more towards traditional? I can make it happen. Are you looking for a destination wedding? Let me help you plan. It's what I do best. I enjoy it. It's my passion.

WonderfullyWed, your College Station and Bryan wedding coordinator