Sunday, October 10, 2010

A mom's testimonial

We were so thrilled with the announcement that Sadie and John were getting married. After the initial excitement, the realization that I would have to plan a long distance wedding began to set in. You see, Sadie and John were students at Texas A&M, but we live about 1800 miles away in Pennsylvania. Sadie was a very busy Senior and I knew that I would be in need of experienced help closer to College Station. After attending the Bridal Show, Sadie contacted and interviewed several wedding coordinators that could help me with this task. She hit it off from the beginning with Erin and knew that she would be the one to help us plan the perfect wedding.
Because of the distance, I was only able to come to College Station several times during the year; and it was always at a busy time, or on a busy weekend at the campus. Erin worked so wonderfully around our limited schedules and was able to line up meetings for us with all of the vendors that we would need. Her recommendations and hints were very helpful to us in making our final decisions on which vendors to hire. We were not disappointed in any of them. Erin worked easily with each of them along the way and on the day of the wedding.
On the day of the wedding, it was unusually hot – even for Texas. Erin was there to help out with cold bottles of water to keep everyone comfortable during the outdoor pictures before the wedding. She even delivered plates of sandwiches that I had ordered to tide over the wedding party until the reception. I did not have to worry about anything at the wedding. Erin had told me that I would not need my watch and she was right. She made sure everything went on schedule without a hitch. The wedding of our only daughter was emotional enough as it was, I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had the added stress of doing everything ourselves. I’m so thankful that Erin was there and that we were able to enjoy and take in every moment of Sadie and John’s wedding.
The reception was exactly was we had thought it would be. Sadie wanted the reception to be fun and memorable. Once again, Erin coordinated the evening with the other vendors and I did not have to worry about a thing. She was there to help Sadie and John get all of their “Bride and Groom” tasks completed, but also to help them enjoy all of the fun of the evening. I couldn’t believe how fast the evening seemed to go. Time flies when you’re having fun!
I’ve told several people after the wedding that I was glad we only had one daughter. But truthfully, if we had another wedding to plan in the future, I would call upon Erin in a heartbeat to help me out again. She made the whole year+ process so enjoyable for us and so stress-free. Thanks Erin, for being such a big part of the precious time for all of us.