Thursday, February 3, 2011


As we are hunkering down at our house, preparing for a few inches of snow, I was reminded of the movie "Father of the Bride". I love that movie! If you remember, the Banks f
amily had ordered swans and tulips for the big event that was to take place at their home. The day of the wedding, it snowed, for the first time in over 20 years! So, the coordinator, Franck, and his people were outside with blow dryers trying to defrost the tulips, and the swans had to be moved from the outside so they wouldn't freeze to death. I started thinking about all the brides and grooms who planned for a wedding this weekend in Bryan/College Station, TX. I doubt they planned on the weather being warm, although in Texas, you never know! But were they planning on SNOW? I doubt it. The meteorologists are anticipating that the snow will melt by tomorrow afternoon, so I'm sure all weddings will go off without a hitch. And hopefully, it will make a fabulous story for their kids and grandkids, just like the tale in "Father of the Bride". I may need to watch that movie again. It's one of my favorites!

Erin Joyner, Wedding Consultant, Bryan/College Station, TX

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darly1959 said...

I remember that April week that started w/ snow. Was so worried John and Shenna would have to have snow blowers in Bryan. The Lord allowed the sun to prevail and it was a perfect ceremony. (thanks again Erin).