Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Bridal Show 2011

Wow! Has it already come and gone? The Bridal Show is an event greatly anticipated by all brides and wedding vendors. Hosted by The Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley, this event allows brides and participating vendors to meet and exchange information. For me, it is a great time to talk to potential customers, meet new vendors as well as catch up with my vendor friends. Over the years, I have gotten to watch their businesses grow and have gleaned from their creativity. It is just a fabulous time. I opted to not participate last year, and although I enjoyed a small break in business activity, I felt a little behind on the times yesterday.
Overall, I feel the show went well for my wedding and invitation business. Upon reflection, there are a couple of items I'd like to add to my booth. I don't desire to have a large, fancy booth. I prefer to keep mine simple, but elegant. However, I absolutely must change my sign. I was actually slightly embarrassed by my sign as
opposed to some other beautifully designed and displayed business titles. Some of my colleagues shared that they made theirs by hand and they turned out wonderful. I think I will probably stick with having someone make mine unless and I am suddenly struck with a creative vision one day. Also, bistro tables were in abundance throughout the floor and after discussing
it with my assistant, Amy, I feel that could really add to the aura I am looking for and it will be a perfect spot to display my invitation book. I'm going to add a carpet as well, all in due time.
If you met me yesterday and are viewing my blog for the first time, thank you for visiting me online and I look forward to meeting you in person!
{And please excuse my pictures. I completely forgot my beloved camera and had to rely on my Blackberry camera for photos of my booth.}

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