Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marcus and Margaret

I had some concerns about this wedding because in our consultations, Margaret was wanting to do too many things the day of the wedding to make sure everything was exactly as she wanted them to be. I know every bride feels that way, but I counseled her to let things go, let the people she hired do the job she was paying them to do and enjoy her day. "Let me take care of the details." She listened to me, and the day of the wedding, she was so calm and relaxed and beautiful when I saw her! I heard her say several times, "It doesn't matter" "That's fine" and she was all smiles and giggles! I was so glad that she decided to let things go and because of that, she really enjoyed and remembered her special day.

One of my favorite things about coordinating weddings is getting to meet new people. When I met with Marcus and Margaret in our consultations, Margaret did all the talking and Marcus just sat there and smiled. When we asked his opinion, he really didn't say much. He was very sweet and obviously loves Margaret very much, but was very quiet. The day of the wedding, I found out why....
During the reception, I was grabbing a quick bite to eat, and Marcus' sisters invited me to join their family for dinner. So nice!!! So, I went over there, and was asking questions about their family. It turns out, Marcus is #7 in a family of 7 and he is the ONLY boy! No wonder he is so quiet! When would he have had any time to talk in that group???? Three of the sisters were actually at the wedding. One of them, Julie, has 7 children of her own and she doesn't look old enough to have that many! They were all a lot of fun to be around and I enjoyed the sisters and their husbands so much! This was probably my favorite family that I have met since becoming a wedding planner. If we lived in the same town, I would probably call them up to hang out.

I also really enjoyed her photographer, Brandi Tejeda. You ought to check out her website She's really good, and a delight to be around. I hope to work with her in the future.

This wedding and reception went off without a hitch. Everything turned out really nice. The most important thing to me is that the bride and groom were smiling the whole time, and I know they will remember this day fondly. That's why I love what I do.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kevin and Charlotte

This wedding was held at The Greenbranch which is the most beautiful location for a garden wedding in town. I actually coordinated the very first wedding they ever had there. I wasn't "in the business" yet and neither were the Beards. We have all come a long way since then. Every detail was beautiful. The flowers (Nita's) were absolutely gorgeous. The weather was actually nice, even though it was June in Texas! The reception area was so pretty with candles everywhere and the water fountain in the fireplace. This crowd was not the liveliest you've ever met, but the DJ, Chance with Livewire. did an amazing job getting most of them out on the dance floor and having a good time. Christopher's did the catering and the meal was magnificant. I enjoyed sitting at the table with the photographer, Michael Kellet, and the videographer, Steven with Seaviews. The one glitch was when the bride and groom were getting ready to leave, I offered to pull the car around for them to drive away in. Well, the car was a VW bug and a stick shift, and I didn't know how to put it in reverse. There is a special trick to it and nobody told me! Oh well. Everything else went as planned. It was a wonderful evening!