Friday, July 29, 2011

Being the Photographer

I couldn't help myself at my parents' anniversary celebration. I had to take pictures. It's becoming an addictive hobby of mine... here are my favorites!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Have and to Hold...

My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage this weekend. My Dad decided that they would renew their wedding vows. Anyone who knows my Dad knows that this in itself is a miraculous act of God, since my Dad has never been known to be the romeo of which every woman dreams. That being said, one certain aspect of my Dad's heart is that he truly loves my Mom.
I have been alive for most of these 40 years of marriage and have witnessed "for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, to have and to hold..." These two amazing people, of which I have the privilege to call my parents, have been through the ringer. They raised a special needs child during a time when there was no information on how to handle and deal with this child. My Dad climbed the corporate ladder and
went from being the Senior Vice President of a bank to "early retirement" at the ripe old age of 50. They have experienced several surgeries each, diabetes, breast cancer and children leaving the house. They have walked with friends who are grieving the loss of a child, spouse and the pain of divorce.
Now, my Dad coaches in a soccer league for adults with disabilities (he still calls them kids), they have learned to work together and trust the Lord to provide for their financial needs. Through the breast cancer scare, they learned to forgive, love and hold tight to Jesus and each other.
My little family was blessed to witness true love at it's best as these two beautiful people vowed once again, before God and friends, to love no matter what. God is gracious, merciful and true and the ceremony we viewed this weekend is all attributed to His Glory.

Erin Joyner, Wedding Consultant, College Station/Bryan, TX

Friday, July 8, 2011

Changing Wedding Dresses

I was flipping through news this morning and came across an article that sparked my brain as a topic for this blog entry. Kate Moss married rocker Jamie Hince today in England. I don't really follow celebrity gossip very often, (except while standing in line at the grocery store) but this particular article was interesting to me because Kate changed dresses four times throughout the celebration. (Also the groom wore a pale blue tuxedo)
This is not the first time I've heard of this trend. It seems to be becoming more popular among the rich and famous. However, for many modern brides, following these types of trends is extremely important and they desire to be like to stars that they adore. The interesting aspect of trends is that they tend to cycle around. (powder blue tuxedos were extremely popular in the 1970's) I began to think of how brides used to change before they left their reception for their honeymoon. The going away outfit was just as important as the wedding dress. Some brides still opt for changing wardrobes, while others feel as though this is the only day they will wear their wedding dress, so they want to keep it on for as long as possible. I personally feel that changing dresses four times is a bit elaborate, but if you have the money to do it, there is some logic to it. If you like to dance, you may be more comfortable in a shorter dress. Likewise, you could opt for a wedding dress with a removable train and remove your veil to make yourself more comfortable. If you plan a cocktail hour after the ceremony and before the reception, a nice cocktail dress would be spectacular. Also, if you have a long ride to the airport or hotel in which you are staying, changing before you leave the reception is a fabulous idea.
Overall, your wedding and reception should be a reflection of who you are everyday. So, if you are a follower of celebrity gossip, then planning on several dresses is the way to go.

Erin Joyner, Wedding Coordinator College Station/Bryan, TX