Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Friend

At the fall Bridal Show, I had the privilege of meeting Susan Keough from A Moment in Time. I have often wondered what I would do if I was ever too sick on someone's wedding day or for some other reason was not able to be present. Susan was my answer to these prayers. We met a couple of weeks later at a coffee shop and shared wedding stories, favorite venues, memories, etc. She had a wedding scheduled in a few weeks, so we agreed that I would join her to see if our styles were compatible.

The wedding was at The Greenbranch. This is a special venue for me since I coordinated the very first wedding Jim and Darlynne hosted on their property. This wedding took place before either of us was "in the business" and was one of the first I coordinated. The Greenbranch was as beautiful as always. Such a wonderful venue for an outdoor Garden Wedding!

I was very excited while observing Susan because I knew this friendship was meant to be. Susan handled her rehearsal, before/ during the ceremony details in a similar fashion to my style. I knew as I was watching her that I would have no problem recommending her to any bride or have her step in "just in case" to represent me.

The morning of the wedding, I bought my new camera, so I spent some time playing with it and capturing some beautiful aspects of the wedding "on film". Enjoy the pictures!!