Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cocktail Hour

I love the new trend of having a cocktail hour prior to your reception. I've always been a fan of feeding your guests while they are waiting for you to take your "after ceremony" pictures. At my wedding, we allowed guests to eat while they waited for us and I have had many brides who have a fruit and cheese spread or some other appetizers for guests. It's just nice to let them eat and I think they leave with a better impression of your wedding day. The cocktail hour takes it to a whole new level. I love the idea. You can do so much with that time! The cocktail hour allows you to create a whole new decor (that fits with the overall feel of your ceremony and reception). You could create a theme within the theme of your wedding. What about a tropical getaway? An elegant ballroom? Music and decorations that fit a specific decade? You definitely need bistro tables, no matter what the theme. You could use the cocktail hour as a way to provide different types of food for your guests or just have all your favorite foods served. Guests could get food from a buffet, or be served by wait staff carrying trays for a more elegant feel. The possibilities are endless. Your guests will enjoy themselves, and you can relax and flash that beautiful smile with your husband for those pictures that will last a lifetime.

WonderfullyWed, your College Station and Bryan wedding coordinator

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