Friday, December 23, 2011

The End of the Vintage Wedding Trend

It seems that the wedding trend these days is for brides to have something at their wedding that none of the their guests have seen before. One of these latest trends is having a vintage wedding. According to the Huffington Post (not necessarily the experts on wedding trends ) this movement is now coming to an end. It seems as though it just begun! It just goes to show that it is difficult to completely follow what's fashionable in your wedding, especially when you plan a year or two in advance. What may be trendy when you begin the planning of your wedding, may be completely out of style by the time your big day arrives. Also, that one of a kind event that you plan, such as an ice cream sundae bar, may have become a trend by the time your day arrives and it may not be the first time your guests have experienced it. So, plan your nuptials according to your tastes and preferences. Don't let society dictate what transpires at your wedding. I think when you can let go of those expectations, then your wedding truly will be a one of a kind event.

Erin Joyner
Wedding planner and coordinator, College Station/Bryan, TX