Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vadim and Karen

This was by far the most entertaining reception I have ever coordinated. The couple met through the "Aggie Swing Club" and their first dance as a couple was choreographed and absolutely elegant and beautiful. They hired a great DJ from Dallas, Glenn Roush, and he played mostly swing. This was such a small wedding, that I didn't think the reception would last as long as the couple had 7F Lodge reserved. I sure was wrong! Their guests danced until we had to shut the place down so that we could clean up before our contract ended. And it was so fun to watch them dance! I felt as though I got to attend a Broadway musical. It was truly amazing. I had no idea anyone had that much energy.

All in all, I felt that the wedding and reception went smoothly. We weren't sure about weather. We had some rain before and after the ceremony, but during the vows and merriment, the weather was perfect. Of course, I have no control over the weather, but I am always grateful when I am coordinating and outdoor wedding and the weather cooperates.
Square One catered and the food was delicious. The cake was amazing and beautiful and was created by Fabulous Fare. JP Beato did the photography and video. I found out that I had met his videographer through e-mail when I was coordinating for my school to attend a career fair that he was organizing. It is a small world! JJ's Package Store provided the alcohol and an excellent bartender. I enjoyed working with all the vendors and felt that they did an excellent job providing services that made Karen and Vadim's wedding a day they will always remember fondly.