Tuesday, October 2, 2007

David and Erica

Getting married can be an incredibly exciting time but can also be stressful because there are hundreds of things that need to be coordinated in order to have the wedding that you’ve dreamed of. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed us with wonderful people to help during this time, such as Erin Joyner.
We have known Erin for almost 12 years and she has many wonderful gifts including being very smart, organized, and detail oriented. Most importantly, she loves the Lord and wants to see Him glorified during this special time for you both. We were incredibly blessed to have Erin help us coordinate our wedding almost 8 years ago and she did a wonderful job and we know she will do the same for you!
Every wedding celebration is unique and as a result, can have its own challenges and ours was no different. We had family spread out across the country and to make it easier on all of them travel wise, we had our wedding the same weekend Erica graduated. We had quite a lot going on with the rehearsal dinner Thursday night, graduation Friday night, and then the wedding on Saturday. We both also come from families that have gone through a divorce before so we had several step parents that attended and it was a challenge to honor our parents in a way that wouldn’t make our step parents feel left out. Erin did a wonderful job in helping us to overcome these challenges and keep everything on track.
I remember the rehearsal being a particularly stressful time because many of our family members were traveling that day and some arrived late. It was also the first time that many of our family members had seen each other in years and they seemed more interested in catching up on old times than walking through the ceremony. Erin knew that we had a limited amount of time because we had a set time to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. She firmly, yet lovingly, corralled the group and we were able to accomplish everything we needed to (and have fun in the process!) and we arrived just in time for dinner. We appreciated her taking the lead on this because we were both in an awkward situation with our families and Erin handled it like a pro!
The wedding day was no different, again she kept everyone on track and everyone knew where they were supposed to be and when and it worked out beautifully! She even took care of some of the little details that we forgot or didn’t even think about and we are so grateful to her for that.
Erin has been such a blessing to us and we are so thankful that she helped us coordinate our wedding. We would recommend her to anyone because she is so organized and has such a keen attention to detail! She took away a lot of the stress and pressure, allowing us to enjoy our wedding, and I know that she will do the same for you. We hope you enjoy your wedding!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ryan and Sarah

Erin Joyner coordinated my summer wedding. Each time we met, she listened to my concerns and respected my ideas and opinions. When planning the actual ceremony, Erin thought of all the details that would have left me panicked had she not been my wedding coordinator. She has practical tips and lots of ideas.
The week of the wedding, Erin’s calm, cheerful demeanor helped the wedding party and our families stay relaxed and enjoy the special time. Her organization and attention to detail ensured that every part of the wedding and reception was taken care of ahead of schedule and exactly as I wanted.
I highly recommend Erin as a wedding coordinator. My wedding was perfect thanks to Erin!

Chris and Erin

I highly recommend Erin Joyner as a Wedding Coordinator/Wedding Planner. She helped me to be organized and prepared. Most of all she helped lessen the stress of wedding planning. She would listen to what we wanted, and helped us to achieve it.

She helped me to be organized by helping me prioritize the activities that I had to take care of, which helped the process to be less overwhelming. For example, we would meet, and review our progress and she would say “ok, this week you really need to rent a tent and book a photographer.”

She helped me to delegate, by suggesting that I recruit different crews of people for various activities. We had a relatively simple wedding, and the food at the reception was not catered, so I had a friend in charge of the food. I also had a clean-up crew and a flower crew, which were made up of my friends, on a volunteer basis.

She also helped us by keeping us and our bridal party on task. She helped us to move from one part of the wedding day to another, so that we could leave in time to make our flight. She told our bridal party when they needed to be there for pictures, etc. She also announced to everyone at the reception, that if there was a problem on the wedding day, my groom and I were not to be bothered; they were to notify her instead.

I don’t think I would have enjoyed my wedding day as much if Erin hadn’t helped me. I could relax knowing she was taking care of all the details. Once again, I highly recommend Erin Joyner as your wedding planner. Besides all of the help that she provides, she’s just fun to be around.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Erich and Laurie

“What a relief to have someone by my side through the amazingly wild ride of wedding planning. Erin helped consolidate my ideas and dreams and turn them into reality. Erin used her skills in organization and with much patience directed me to where I needed to go and who I needed to contact. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and hard to keep track of amidst other transitions. Erin helped set my dates and keep track of when things needed to get done. The end product was well worth all of our time spent together. The most wonderful thing about having someone to plan your wedding with is having someone that has listened to all your dreams, all your ideas, and your personal preferences and then trusting that person to make it happen on the actual day of the wedding. I did not have to concern myself with any personal last minute details in regard to the wedding day because Erin was there to guide and clue everyone (including family) in on what was about to happen. Erin was the director and leader of all the things we had orchestrated together in the previous months. Having someone facilitate on the actual wedding day is a must! The bride is much too occupied with the other million excitements that the wedding day contains to concern herself with where the cake should be placed, what goes where, and who does what….
It is a wonderful relief to have a coordinator help plan with beforehand, to rely on during the wedding rehearsal, and to completely depend on during your actual wedding. Erin Joyner was this to me and I am so grateful for her major contribution toward one of the most important and special days of my life. Thank you, Erin.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Chris and Casey

We are pleased to recommend Erin Joyner as a wedding coordinator and planner. Erin helped us plan our wedding and she was very professional and extremely helpful.
Her knowledge and experience were a valuable resource as we had only vague ideas of what we wanted and had not attended many weddings. She suggested things we hadn't thought of, and in several cases came up with ideas that merged what we requested and what our families wanted.
Her enthusiasm made even the tedious planning fun. She was never pushy and always made sure our desires came first, whether she agreed with them or not.
We feel Erin helped us to plan a wedding that was as unique as we are. Having her help with the details freed us up to really enjoy the day.


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