Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashley and Waymon

As you can see from the picture, this was a beautiful, outdoor wedding. The wedding took place early on an August Saturday morning. The bride and groom are special friends of mine, so I took great delight in being a part of their special day. The ceremony took place at Heritage Park in Bryan, and the reception was at Benjamin Knox Art Center in College Station. Flowers were created by Nita's and the delicious cake was one of Mary Burkhalter's creations. We used a personal friend, Annie, who is also a personal chef for the caterer. The girl who took these amazing pictures, Sarah, is also a friend and an incredible amateur photographer.

There were a few interesting mishaps surrounding this wedding. The bride's mom drew a diagram of how she wanted the chairs set up. I misread the diagram and had the chairs in the wrong location. Before the rehearsal, it only took a few minutes to rearrange and put them in their proper place. Also, we set up the chairs and sound system on Friday to avoid having to get up so early on Saturday morning. The bride's mom hired a security guard to supervise the equipment overnight. While he was securing the grounds, a car drove up on the sidewalk of the park and was headed straight for one of the speakers. He was able to somehow stop the driver, who appeared to be inebriated, before she hit the speaker. Also, early Saturday morning, the sprinkler system automatically came on and sprayed right on one of the speakers, all over the chairs and some of the other sound equipment. We had prepared for rain, but since we had reserved the park for Friday and Saturday, it was a surprise to us that the parks department had not remembered to turn the system off.

Overall the ceremony was "perfect" in the words of the bride. She told me it was exactly the way she envisioned her wedding. So, all the glitches and bizarre happenings were worth it to see the dreamy look in their eyes and to know that I was able to be a part of making their special day happen.