Sunday, March 13, 2011

TOMS has Wedding Shoes!

The TOMS shoe idea is incredible. Buy a pair of shoes from them, and they will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. Of course, it's a marketing ploy, but I'm a big fan of Capitalism and this is the free market at it's best! So, I want to put a plug in for TOMS. They have a Wedding Collection. I've not bought a pair of TOMS yet, but everyone I know who owns them says they are extremely comfortable. So, why not take the money you would use to purchase a pair of uncomfortable high heeled shoes from a department store and buy some TOMS, which you really could wear later, and help a child in need receive a free pair of shoes? The line includes shoes for brides, bridesmaids, grooms, groomsmen and kids. You could just have a TOMS shoes themed wedding. That way, everyone's feet are adorned in adorable footwear, which don't hurt at the end of the night, and a child somewhere in the world won't have to walk incredible distances without adequate protection for their feet. Here's a link to their site:

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