Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Setting the Date for your Wedding

Selecting the perfect date for your wedding can be quite a headache! There are so many aspects to consider. The most important one is knowing if the venue you most adore is available during the time you desire to speak your nuptials. After that, you can choose your other favorite vendors and hope for the best! One way to almost guarantee that you can pick your preferred choices is to have several weekends available on your end to choose from. It may prove easier to line everyone up if there are diverse options from which to choose.
A recently engaged friend told his fiancée that they could get married any weekend in March EXCEPT the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. This may make some brides cringe, but considering your intended husbands feelings on the matter is a great beginning for your future as husband and wife. Some other sport related affairs to consider are home football games. That may sound strange to some, but we live in Aggieland, and if you try to plan your big event on a home game weekend, you will not be able to book hotel rooms for your out of town guests.
In spite of the many available options that can seem overwhelming, it is certain that you will be able to nail down a date that will work for the most important people in your life. Be open to ideas and suggestions just in case that perfect weekend isn't available at the perfect venue with the perfect photographer. Keep your eyes on the prize, which in this case, is saying, "I do" to the love of your life.

Erin Joyner Wedding Planner Bryan/College Station

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