Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

A few years ago, one of my clients' number one topic for her wedding was the cake. The cake was more important than the venue, photographer, music or flowers. She said she attended a friend's wedding and the cake was so delicious, that is what she remembered above everything else. She wanted her wedding to be remembered for the fabulous cake.
When I planned my wedding (over 13 years ago), wedding cake cost around $3.50 per slice and you didn't have many options. We had a small budget, and cake was not at the top of the list for items to spend our money. I was not a huge cake fan, but I had never before tasted excellent cake. So, we ordered a cake from Albertson's, which turned out delicious and beautiful. I never had another thought about it until I became a coordinator and tasted fresh, made from scratch, astounding cake. And believe me, even in this small town, there are some phenomenal bakers. Several create these confections for close the $2.00 per slice, and they are well worth their price in gold. Who are these bakers? You'll have to ask me to find out, but I guarantee, you won't be disappointed!
If I had to do it all over again, I still don't think I would put the cake as high of a priority as Ricci and Jason , but I would definitely hire one of my favorite ladies to produce my wedding cake. My only dilemma now would be which one I would choose! It makes my mouth water just imagining it!

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