Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life's Firsts

This post contains nothing about weddings. However, today, I experienced two firsts in my life. Premier number one: I began training for a Sprint Triathlon. I will be racing with three other girl friends and we are shooting for a race in the latter part of the summer. I am extremely excited and nervous at the same time. Today's preparation included a mile of running and also, well, walking. We completed a mile, though, which means we have two more miles until we have completed the run part of the tri. My second first: my cell phone was stolen. I struggle with feeling guilty about that aspect. How crazy is that? Someone invaded my personal belongings, and I feel partly to blame. Regardless of how I feel about it, it IS the first time I've knowingly had something stolen from me, and the first time I have started something as monumental as training for a triathlon, so I thought they were worthy blog topics. Amazingly, I just didn't have time to think about weddings today.

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