Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keeping Wedding Guests Cool in Triple Digit Temperatures

I recently asked some of my friends who own outdoor venues what they recommend to brides to help them keep their guests cool in this excruciating hot Texas weather.

...Inform your guests.
In your printed invitation, state that you are having an "outdoor garden wedding". This is very important especially for older family members and guests. Overheating could pose a health risk to them.
...Adjust your wedding time.
In the movies outdoor weddings do look so beautiful, but remember they are filmed in cool California! During our Texas summers, 6:00 in the evening can be the hottest time of the day. Think about having your wedding either early or late. If your wedding venue has a shaded morning site, a 10:00 am wedding followed by a brunch could be a hit. When planning a summer evening wedding, adjust your time to as late as possible. Your guests will thank you and the bride will have a beautiful sunset glow.
...Keep family and guests cool.
Encourage your ushers to have family and guests wait inside the air conditioned spaces of your venue and reception area. When the wedding party is ready to lineup for the ceremony, have the ushers dismiss
the guests to seat themselves because the wedding is about to begin.
...Provide cool water.
Printed labels on water bottles with name/date on them can be iced and ready for the wedding ceremony. Try color coordinating several large plastic tubs; these will look great to hold your water bottles.
...A wedding favor that everyone will like.
Instead of using the old-fashioned paper fan with your wedding ceremony information printed on it, invest in a real fan! The paper ones really are just no help at all when it is hot. Go online and research and you will find grass woven fans from the islands or even wooden or cloth fans. This will be a gift they will use and keep.
If the budget won't allow this , then buy then, get them back from your guests, and then sell them on e-bay!

We suggest Fans as programs; White Sun Umbrellas as a favor to the guests given at the Outdoor Ceremony Site; or Personalized Bottle Water. We also have set-up Lemonade Stands at the Ceremony.

At Rock Lake Ranch, our best defense against the heat is the siting and design of our Waterfront Pavilion and ceremony site. We ensure that there is shading from large oak trees over the ceremony site and we keep sunscreens as well as regular canvas panels down on the west side of the Pavilion to shield the floors, tables and chairs from the sun during the day. We raise the panels in the evening, since we have a nice breeze off the pond from the south to make the area quite pleasant. We have an air conditioned service building with restrooms as well as a super-chilled room for the cake and hors d’oeuvre. Finally, we provide a place to set up a lemonade station as guests arrive.

Applying these tips from the experts will ensure that your guests remembering your wedding and NOT the hot temperature!

Erin Joyner, Wedding Planner, Bryan/College Station, TX

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