Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clash of the Titans

I am used to getting along with all the vendors at my weddings. I have enjoyed meeting and working with every vendor until the last wedding I coordinated. Boy! Was I in for a treat! I knew that the church at which this wedding was held had their own coordinator when I was hired. The bride wanted help with the planning and some extra support on the wedding day. However, what I didn't know was that this woman was 90 years old and had been running the show for over 30 years! I was prepared to be respectful of her position and experience. What I wasn't prepared for was a very grumpy, opinionated person who would make a majority of the wedding party upset and angry. I literally ran around (seriously, I was running) putting out fires and reassuring everyone for 2 hours before the ceremony. That was interesting and humorous. When I arrived at the reception, I was greeted with, "Where have you been?" The head master of the reception location did not approve of the fact that I had not done the set up of the tables and decorations. She compared me to other coordinators who ALWAYS did set up. The funny thing is, I was planning to do set up, but the bride told me that this person's very close friend, the cake lady, told her she would do set up. I thought that was strange but was fine with it. I figure I've already been blackballed at the venue and it was my first time to be there! Oh well. In the end, the bride, groom and their families were so grateful for all I did. The bride's mom called me as I left the reception and said, "I didn't get to hug your neck!! Thank you so much for everything you did! Did you get any cake?" After receiving that phone call, I knew I had done my job well, even if the matrons of the wedding business didn't approve!

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Mr. and Mrs. Sparks said...

We know of this wedding that Erin speaks of. The church provided wedding coordinator was a little pushy and set-in-her ways. She wanted things done her way, as if it were her wedding. However, with Erin's patience and assistance, we were able to make it through it. Erin made sure we had things OUR way. And as for the reception host, we were greeted with "It's been so nice working with y'all, now hurry up and get in here you are late and these people are waiting on you!!" And once we were in, we never seen the host the rest of the night. Thankfully Erin was there holding our hands, guiding us through the events of the evening. She kept us on time and made sure we got to do everything that we had talked about. We highly recommend Erin as a true professional wedding coordinator!