Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joseph and Jennifer

At my future mother-in-law's urging, we sought help for wedding day coordination. Immediately after meeting with Erin, I was convinced she would be a great asset to us. She made excellent recommendations for an officiant when we were at a loss for who to turn to. Even if you think you've got the planning under control, it helps to have a pro like Erin by your side to make sure no detail is overlooked. She did a fabulous job on our wedding day. From running the rehearsal in the morning, to "saving the day" by saving our cake, she maintained her poised, calm, and professional manner. I don't know how we would have handled the melting cake if she hadn't been there! If that isn't reason enough to have a planner, what is? Our perfect day was thanks to her. (Or as one guest put it, "You got hitched without a hitch.") Joseph and I highly recommend Erin for her expertise, practical nature, and also because she's such a pleasant person to work with! Thank you so much, Erin!